Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometime i wish.....

Sometime i wish that im a young small cute little boy again....
Everyday is a happy day, i can run here and there jumping up and down, without even think that times is passing by. Everything that i can grab is my toy, whatever action i do people will say "wow look at cute, so clever". I know the value of money is the value of how many aiskrim malaysia i can buy, no need to think how much have i spend, which one should be priority. I want to do whatever i want without burdening my mind how will my action effect others or anything...surely someone will say "oooo he is just a boy, just forgive him", "oooo its ok boy....its nothing". I want to cry without feeling ashamed in front of the public, i can cry and scream my throat out without concerning others. no anymore that cute little boy.....
Im not running out of problems or flight away from life....its just that sometime i wish i can go back to my childhood so that i will appreciate and value the life i had now....i believe in my own view.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who is the most suitable person to play these sports?

Sepak Takraw - Suitable for homosex people because if we notice sepak takraw's player will hold each others hand after each point, to get more "Holding Hand" they need to get more point, thats why they sould win.....more point more holding hand.

Hockey - This game is most suitable for Zapin's dancer as they are good at bending down a bit while dancing that is similiar to the basic of hockey, bending down a bit to hold the hockey stick

Badminton - The most suitable player is those that have stall where tehy use to chase the fly away with a special kind of racket, so they have the skill of using the racket in order to hit the shuttlecock.

Baseball/Cricket - Street gangster taht use to hit their enemies head without miss, they sould be given the chance to join this game, im sure they can hit very accurate and powerful.

Soccer - Investor that love to compete with others, never want to lose their share and investment, suitable for soccer, they will never lose the ball and they will figt for the ball, put a market price at the ball surely they wil play well.

Thats all for this time.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HaRi rAYa.....

Tonight i have experienced what we call "Raya FEVER".....its becoming a trend and culture for us to buy everything as our preparation, we dig for money here and there, as long as our celebration is the most GRAND among my place KEK LAPIS is the most famous cake and a must for every house....due to SALE, DISCOUNT, OFFER and anything that cut off the price people spend more time in shopping mall compared to home, including my family, plus today money is not a big problem for most of family.....baking KEK LAPIS is almost extinct from list of THINGS TO DO DURING RAYA, people tend to buy ready made cake......last night my aunt wants me to go and collect cake that my mother and her had ordered during early of Ramadhan.

I went to the shop but its not actually a shop, more like a kiosk......when i arrived i can see in front of the kiosk is full of KEK LAPIS costumer, im hoping that i can just show my receipt and take the cake as we had ordered for some time, but i was wrong.....i need to wait for the van to arrived. When the van arrived, the chaotic and the real meaning of Hari Raya blasting the empty air....everyone was struggling to open the van's door and they push each other to get the cake.....there is no mre women, men, old, young....everyone pushing,pulling and raise their hand to get what they want......

That is all the situation untill i get my cake, luckily i didnt have to struggle as i had order before....but what struck my mind the most is that.....what is the meaning of HARI RAYA today?
is it who got the most cake? or who wear the best dress? because what suppose to be our culture has been more baking cake to celebrate relatives that comes.....the cake that we eat today is not a sacrification of us for raya......we prefer to go and shop to get the best dress.....i am so sad to think of HARI RAYA now

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Malaysian Uniqueness

Malaysia is a very unique country, one of the most unique part is the language that we spoke is different according to our country. Thus i have met 4 different Prof. and well known person in language and see how different language have different characteristic in defining the 4 taste, "manis" , "masam", "pahit", "masin". We will see the differences of those item according to KL,Kedah,Terengganu, and Sarawak. The source from KL language i have refer to Prof.Madya Mohd.Farhan Afiq, for T'ganu language we have Tun Dr. Ahmad Rusydi, reference of Kedah language we have Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Amal Syazwan and i will be the source for Sarawak language.

1. Manis Leting
2. Masam Rebang
3. Masin Rebing
4. Pahit Lepang

1. Manis Meleting
2. Masam Piang
3. Masin Melecah
4. Pahit Berdengung

1. Paht Sial
2. Masam giler
3. Masin Siot
4. Manis Nye

1. Manis Na Eh
2. Masam Gilak
3. Masin Juak
4. Pahit Ada Jak

SO....wherever you go in Malaysia u will get something new but it still Malaysian and still our language.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What Do U Realize?

Never say never,
Because you took my heart away,
Like a fireflies during season in the sun,
Even when u say nothing at all,
I am still lucky,
But, forgive me,
Because i love the way you lied,
If tomorrow never comes,
Than nothing else matter,
As it is an endless love without me.

What Do U Realize?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Heart Talking

First of all i would like to say that this is truly from deep of my heart, if anyone doesnt like it or want to condemned it u are free to do so.....
Due to my hungriness and im craving to be in my heaven(my home) as im not home yet becoz still on holiday with my family, im finishing my time with the ocean of information....(the internet) very much. This eagerness to be back at home has make me paranoid i guess as i keep on thinking what will happen to us (C5 member) after our remaining 2 years.....are we gonna still contacting each other? share our probs? hanging out 2gether?. It bothers me till i have to shut my brain from thinking bout it.....before i wrote this post i view old pics and it bombarded me......i can still remember 9th July 2006, where we first meet and smile to each other, then after the last person enter our c5 we are now complete as 71 people. From this moment i know that we have 71 pieces of puzzle, a puzzle that will form a very beautiful and outrageous picture if we combined it together.....i can see from those old pic of us that i view lots of thing has changed especially our size.....but that doesnt bother me. What bother me is that can we maintained the charm of the puzzle?or are we gonna bark and howl to each other?. I really hope that each pieces will play their part to complete each other as the puzzle is so beatiful but when its complete......believe me 2 years is so short and the puzzle is not ready yet......i hope after this 2 years the puzzle can be glued and framed as it has complete 71 pieces and never torn out.